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Night Vision Monocular Minox NV351
Night Vision Monocular Minox NV351

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The MINOX NV 351 Night Vision Device
Provides safety even in complete darkness
MINOX binoculars and spotting scopes are extremely po­pular thanks to their very high quality. They offer top performance with a very respectable cost/benefit ratio. With its new model NV 351 MINOX is introducing another powerful product into the range of night vision devices.
From twilight into the deep night when the human eye and high-power binoculars reach their optical limits the MINOX NV 351 night vision device has a decisive advantage: its state-of-the-art illuminator technology shows up objects that are otherwise not perceived by the eye of the viewer. Whether for night-time expeditions, observation for hunting purposes and game management or just for one’s own personal safety.
Leads the way in the darkness
The light-amplifying illuminator of the MINOX NV 351 pro­vides perfect orientation at night and a clear image – even if there is no moon and just the brightness of stars. With a 2.5 x magnification and a range of up to 70 meters it is even possible to pick up far-off objects in the night. The NV 351 also accommodates for people wearing glasses with an eyepiece designed to show the entire field of view.
Particularly light and compact the NV 351 allows noise-free and discrete observa­tion – and just using one hand. Thanks to its robust and weatherproof design it stands up to any weather conditions and temperature fluc­tuations from –30° to +50° C.
The new MINOX NV 351 comes with case and batteries.
Durable, reliable and safe:
2,5 x magnification
High-power illuminator
Range up to 70 meters
Lightweight, compact and handy
Robust and reliable
Tripod socket