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AIS Em-Trak A200
AIS Em-Trak A200

ref.: AIS A200



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The AIS Em-Trak A200 is the world's most advanced transceiver with dual SOLAS and global inland waterway certification that sets new standards for performance, functionality and reliability.
As a single, fully integrated Class A transceiver, the A200 is easily installed and configured with dual connectivity NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 , allowing plug-and-play integration with other bridge systems in a quick and easy way.

The high-resolution color screen with multilingual intuitive menu options and day and night mode allows to maximize your benefit with the wide range of features which include full CMAP ENC maps, multiple graphics and text display modes, AIS targets management, Proximity alerts , detailed graphics with AIS target overlay, simple AIS radar display, multiple AIS destination filters, MOB / SAR alert and tracking management, integrated long-range wi-fi, among others, which facilitates the daily use of the A200.Despite its unrivaled performance and functionality, the A200 is designed from the beginning to be the toughest AIS transceiver, being fully waterproof (IPx6 certified), weatherproof, vibration and shock resistant so it can be installed and operated even in the most extreme maritime environments and will run reliably for years without maintenance.

Superior AIS performance in receiving, transmitting and processing messages is delivered by the advanced AIS SDR technology from the world's leading AIS technology - SRT Marine Technology ensuring the user sees more targets most of the time at maximum reach.
The unique combination of performance, functionality and hardness of the A200 makes it the ideal choice for all commercial or military users who demand the best performance and reliability.
A200-Black for marine and coast guard provides additional custom functionality such as sophisticated encryption, enhanced satellite detection, continuous system verification and internal fault diagnosis, intelligent connectivity for all bridging systems: Gyrocompass, ECDIS, VHF DSC etc.

Product Overview :

Only fully integrated class A transceiver.
Receives and decodes all types of AIS messages.
Integrated HD color screen.
Water and weather proof - Certificate -IPx6 & IPx7.
Complete electronic chart of navigation and display.
Multilingual options menu.
Day and night display mode.
Integrated long-range WiFi connectivity.
Dual NMEA0183 and NMEA2000.
Robust - Protection against temperature / shock.
MOB & SAR alert and tracking system.
Continuous system of verification and diagnosis of internal faults.
Intelligent connectivity for all bridge systems: Gyrocompass, ECDIS, VHF DSC etc.
Internationally certified - SOLAS, IMO, USCG, FCC, EU, CCNR, CCS,Canada Industry .
Pilot port.