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Antena TV TDT 25CM
Antena TV TDT 25CM



IVA incluído 23 %

Valor s/ IVA: 154.47€

  • Descrição
Omnidirectional TV Antenna
The CRUISER is an omnidirectional antenna designed to receive all available analogue and digital terrestrial TV, FM and DAB signals through 360 degree radius, made specifically for the marine environment and for all types of vessels.
Omnidirectional design eliminates the time needed to locate the direction of a local TV and radio transmitter. The CRUISER is equipped with the Scout SEA-BOOST, a low noise amplifier with variable gain control that increases the strength of incoming digital signals.
The exclusive design, the compact size of only 25 cm diameter and the superior picture quality make the Scout CRUISER the perfect choice for boaters who want to enjoy premium TV and radio on board.